So Monday I stopped at Avlex Corp which is one of my suppliers to say hi and see when the new true digital IEM’s ( in ear monitors ) were going to be hitting us here in the US since I have had alot of my musician customers asking about them.

After getting the info I needed the conversation turned to the new headphones that they just took delivery on and were getting ready to debut to the US market.

I got to try the SuperLux HD562 headphones. I listened to various types of music while testing them for about an hour. Classic Rock, techno, instrumental, Blues and Jazz I ran them thru the ringer for sure.
I have to admit I was blown away.

They have a very rich natural sound when listening at 70% volume and the EQ set to flat. They look great and fit quite well on your head and are very lightweight.

In speaking with Kari from Avlex she stated that these units have a retail price of $ 65.00 which in my opinion is very affordable considering how well they sound . Currently they only come in black but the other colors should hit the US market sometime in the near future.

So after a little arm twisting (OK no real arm twisting) I decided to be buy a case and be the 1st US retailer to get them. Talk about being at the right place at the right time. You read that right I have the very 1st case from the US shipment.

I am currently burning in a pair here in my office. I started the process with digital music from my library at 30% volume for about 3 hours. I then increased to 50% with another 3 hours burn in time.

Currently I am at 70%. Once I reach 100% for about 3 hours I will switch over to my vinyl collection and my Mac rig and give them a good 10 hours of burn in time.

So far during the process these things sound amazing. My EQ’s are set to flat and the low’s, mid’s and highs’s are very crisp and natural sounding with zero distortion.

It is my opinion that these would be a great addition to anyones headphone collection. You may find yourself using them a lot for portable music players, monitoring in the studio or listening to your favorite music on your home rig.

I really think Avlex has a winner with these babies.