TOP-248 / 258 MIC REVIEW



The TOP-248 vocal microphone from SUPERLUX is one of those little known gems that everyone should know about and have at least one pair of them in their gig box.

I had the chance to beta test the TOP-248 and TOP-258 on several audio consoles including a Midas M32, Yamaha PM5D and a small 8 channel analog desk from a company called AOLONG.

For speaker configurations I was lucky enough to have access to a JBL VER-TECH rig, NEXO GEO-T system and a Peavey powered speaker system for the testing phase.

In a side by side comparison with the Shure SM-58 and the SM-57 the TOP series microphones held their own and sounded outstanding. The TOP-248 vocal microphone has a very rich natural sound and highlights both male and female vocalists quite well. As an avid user and fan of the SM-58 I was very surprised that the TOP-248 actually out-performed the SM-58. The transition in the vocal frequencies were downright smooth during the test with male and female vocalists. To me the SM-58 seemed a little weak and at times harsh sounding during all three tests.  

Another thing I liked about TOP-248 is the construction. SuperLux did not hold back when they designed and built this microphone.  The weight alone lets the user know that they are holding a quality professional microphone. The black metal housing fits nicely in the users hand and gives a very nice non slip surface to grab on to. I will slip in the TOP-248’s whenever I possibly can on a gig from now on.


The TOP-258 was yet another amazing microphone not only is it a great vocal microphone but as an instrument microphone all I can say is WOW. I put this microphone on a boom stand to mic a Martin 000-15m acoustic guitar.  Immediately I could tell from the look on the clients face that something was bothering him as he started to play. After about 5 minutes of intense playing he stopped and looked over and asked if we can try the same microphone on his Mesa Boogie Mark IIB tube amp for his electric guitar. I put the mic on a short boom facing directly at the cab and mic’ed the outside edge of the speaker approx. 3 inches away.

After testing it on the clean channel and dirty channel of the amp you could tell he was very pleased with the sounds that the TOP-258 helped produce. After doing this test on 3 different audio rigs at 3 different events with the client plus comparing them with the SM-57 we both came away quite happy with the performance of all of the TOP Series microphones. I was happy that I found an affordable microphone that can perform and keep up with the big boys and the client came away happy with 2 microphones that he intends to use on all of his gigs.

In Closing you have to have these in your rig you will not be disappointed.